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Toklat WoolBack Endurance UltraCell Saddle Pad

Our Price: $197.95 MSRP: $249.95 - You Save: $52.00
In Stock: 03/05

Exclusive Riding Warehouse design! We've taken great care to research and customize this saddle pad with a contoured topline, suede wear leathers, and nylon girth straps to add longevity and practicality.

The Toklat Woolback Barrel Endurance Ultra Cell Contoured Saddle Pad is our most popular style of pad and easily accommodates a wide variety of saddle styles!  UltraCell inserts provide conforming foam technology, which has exceptional impact absorption and uniform weight and pressure distribution while natural wool fleece helps with moisture management.  

Compare your saddle measurements to those below:

Front to BackCantle/Seat WidthSide to SideFlap Width
28" 20" 38" 18"


  • 100% Woolback Fleece
  • UltraCell Foam Inserts
  • Contoured Topline, with Velcro Front
  • Brown Suede Wear Leathers
  • Nylon Girth/Cinch Straps
  • Non-slip and Moisture Wicking


For sizing and further information see the "Details" tab!

**Please Note that Ultra Cell Inserts are NOT machine washable and must be removed from saddle pad before washing! Inserts may be rinsed by hand and air dry.**



UltraCell Inserts are constructed from high performance, high density, open cell elastomeric foam. Medically tested and proven UltraCell foam has excellent shape retention and may feel firm at first, but quickly absorbs the heat from your horse's back and conforms to its specific shape and muscle contour for a customized effect!

  • Front Velcro closure for easy access/removal
  • Individual inserts lay on each side of horse's spine under saddle bars
  • Pressure dispersion and support provided by foam compressibility


Woolback® virgin knit-wool fleece is resilient, durable pile material offering superior moisture wicking and heat dispersal with high breathe-ability, concussion protection and comfort. Woolback fleece is natural white in color.

  • Natural - Considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic
  • Absorbent - Absorbs and wicks moisture keeping the back moist but not wet
  • Breathes - Very porous which allows for continuous air circulation and release of moisture during use
  • Does Not Slip - Minute “barbs” that grip the hair help prevent saddle slip
  • Tough - very resilient, reduces wear and provides cushioned protection
  • Looks Great - The unique structure of the fibers resists dirt penetration

Care Suggestions: Machine wash with horse shampoo and cool water on gentle cycle and hang to air dry (no direct sun) or tumble/fluff dry (no heat). UltraCell inserts are NOT machine washable and must be removed from saddle pad before washing. Inserts may be rinsed by hand and air dry.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: I purchased this pad a few years ago and used it occasionally. I have two hard fitting TWH short back horses. The real problem was that standard endurance saddles were too long, so the pad didn't make any difference. However, I had 2 custom saddles made and now I use this pad exclusively. When my horses gain weight and start to get dry spots under the saddle, I am able to use this pad and no longer have the dry spots. Somehow it is able to compensate. I am now ordering two more so that I have one for each saddle, as now I have a 3rd horse that is really slender (arab/saddlebred) and this pad fills in for him nicely, again leaving no dry spots on his back. 
From: Pam- Colombus, Montana, USA

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