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Toklat T3 Matrix Endurance Sport WoolBack Saddle Pad

Our Price: $159.95 MSRP: $199.95 - You Save: $40.00

The innovative Toklat Woolback T3 Matrix Endurance Sport Saddle Pad is specifically designed for endurance riding to offer the maximum amount of protection, support and breathability required for intense long distance rides. 

You can choose from our selection of Matrix Therapeutic Inserts for customized back protection specific to your sport and level of riding!

To determine if this saddle pad will work for you, compare to the measurements below:

 Front to BackFlap LengthFlap Width
With Roll 29" 19½" 24" tapers to 9"
Without Roll 24 5/8" 19½" 20" tapers to 9"


  • Non-Slip Linear Quilt ETC™ Fabric Top
  • "Carona Roll" Style Fleece Edge
  • Velcro Spine: Matrix Saddle Pad Inserts Sold Separately
  • 1"-½" Bi-level WoolBack Fleece Lining
  • Nylon Velcro Billet & Girth Straps 
  • Maximum Moisture/Heat Removal
  • Stain-Resistant, Machine Washer & Dryer Safe!


Like this pad, but need a different style? Check the English Endurance model to determine which best accommodates your saddle!

For sizing and more information about the technical details of the incredible Toklat T3 Matrix technology, see the "Product Details" tab.



Woolback® virgin knit-wool fleece is resilient, durable pile material offering superior moisture wicking and heat dispersal with high breathe-ability, concussion protection and comfort. Woolback fleece is natural white in color.

Linear Quilt ETC™ Fabric provides a non-slip, anti-friction surface for a secure and stable saddle position while the linear quilt pattern passes moisture and heat readily through the lightweight batting creating exceptional heat dispersal and breathability.

Ergonomic Design features inserts with a longer front to complement the natural contour of the horse's shoulder to provide a custom fit that supports muscle development without interfering with important muscle groups. 

T3 Matrix Bio-Kinetic  Inserts are a part of the T3 System: an innovative approach that integrates the latest ergonomic research with the most popular time-tested features. T3 marks a major transition in the design of products for the art, sport and science of equestrian performance. These products are systematically engineered for comfort, style and performance from the inside out, using new insights into the dynamics of equine physiology.

Care Suggestions: Machine washable, hang to dry. If using in conjunction with inserts, make sure to remove inserts before washing your pad.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: I have used Skito, Equipedic, Haf, Supracor, and other Woolbacks and I think this is my favorite pad of all.  I get the extra thick inserts and I have two of them.  I highly recommend these.  They stay put (after the first handful of rides), they keep the back pretty cool and dry, and they have plenty of padding.  I love them. I am currently riding in a ReactorPanel but I've used them with other types of saddles, too.
From: Katie - Northern California, USA

Comments: I first bought this in black (coolback), endurance model, then later coughed up enough to buy a second one in brown, and aside form my Christ pad, I don't ride in ANY other pads now. The inserts are terrific on our distance horses, and I could swear I feel a little extra cushion in my joints when trotting. The pads under up easily, and the inserts are easy to put in or take out. In the 25 plus years I have been in distance riding, this is possibly the best pad I have ever had. Another plus - the rolled edges with cutout help keep the saddle in place without putting bulk under the legs. I wish they didn't cost so much, but of course, this is the very best price on these - and they are worth every penny!
From: Sandy - Bear Valley Springs, California, USA

Comments: I love this saddle pad! It is thick but not too bulky. The wool is very soft and not scratchy. Keeps my horse dry!  Best part is the inserts that can be bought to go inside. They are perfect for my horse and seem like something I'd like to be sitting on all day!  I have gotten so many compliments on the pad. Love RW and the fast shipping!
From: Carly - Boulder, Colorado, USA

Comments: I have two of these and if I could swing it, would have another. They are top notch, and I no longer have trouble with the pad sliding out from under the saddle. Toklat is a top product, the inserts are perfect, and RWH is the BEST shop to deal with. Now I have a Diamond Wool and two Matrix pads from RWH and am delighted with them all. Thanks gang!
From: Sandy - Tehachapi, California, USA

matrix endurance sport woolback Comments: Fits my saddle perfectly, has plenty of room at each end. If anyone else wonders about the fit for a Steele Plantation or Mountaineer style saddle, this pad is perfect! Thanks for all your help.
From: Laura - Shady Spring, WV, USA (via Facebook)



Comments: I bought this pad after my horse was getting a friction rub from a new saddle. The pad took care of the problem the saddle was causing. It is a great pad. I got rid of the saddle but now use the pad with my new saddle and it keeps my horses back in great shape.
From: Linda - Vero Beach, Florida, USA

Comments: Jeremy and I have been using the Matrix pad on our whole herd and have been extremely satisfied.  The pads dry quickly and are the first pad that actually do what is advertised, keep the back cooler!  Our 10 endurance horses all have happy backs.  Riverwatch and A Kutt Above were proud to wear their Matrix pads at the 2012 World Endurance Championship race in Thetford, England and were on the USA Team which placed 4th.
From: Heather Reynolds, Reynolds Racing

Comments: Since using the Matrix pads our horses performance has excelled. Our horses are moving more free, staying cooler in the topline, and their fatigue is at a much lower rate. The Matrix pad is the ONLY way to go to excell in our sport!
From: Ellen and Jeremy Olson, Noslo Endurance

Comments: I ordered this pad for my specialized saddle to use for training sessions for my endurance horse. I do not love it because it is big... it is way to long and pretty bulky... it would maybe work for a bigger horse... but not for a 15hh arabian... it is soft, and doesn't slip if you put it on correct - its just too long for my saddle and horse i guess.
From: Elle - Auburn, California, USA

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