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Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet

Our Price: $74.95 MSRP: $79.95 - You Save: $5.00

With an ergonomic, equestrian-specific design, the Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet sports a snug low-profile fit and features an innovative and completely unique drop-back shell to cradle your skull to maximize helmet retention and stability. The sleek Sportage 8500 has been our #1 selling riding helmet for years!

A unique rear padding system provides a custom fit and an easily adjustable nylon harness system reinforced with supple natural leather guarantees the ultimate combination of comfort and protection.


  • Extreme Ventilation System
  • Moisture Control Padded Lining 
  • Durable ABS High-Impact Plastic Shell
  • Sleek & Sporty, Low-Profile Design
  • Reflective Rear Band for Low Light Visibility
  • Durable & Flexible Contour Front Visor
  • ASTM/SEI Certified Safety Standards
  • Lightweight & Comfortable - Just 17 Ounces!


See the "Details" tab as well as the Helmet Sizing and Video links for further information!


  • SEI Certified
  • ASTM F1163-04A
  • CE European EN 1384


The Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet offers a unique adjustable padding system that allows a customizable fit for every head shape and size. Use your personal measurements to compare to the size chart below and determine the best size option for you.


Helmet SizeHead CircumferenceCap Size Range
XS 19 1/2" - 19 7/8" 6 1/4 - 6 3/8
SM 20 1/4" - 20 3/4" 6 1/2 - 6 5/8
MD 21 1/8" - 21 1/2" 6 3/4 - 6 7/8
LG 21 7/8" - 22 1/4" 7 - 7 1/8
XL 22 5/8" - 23 7/8" 7 1/4 - 7 5/8

Weight:  17 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: I love this helmet! There's lots of air flow through the vents, it's super comfy, and I like the way it fits; the back goes down a little further than some of the helmets I've worn, so it protects more of my head. It's so light that I forget I'm wearing it! The only thing that I wish was different is I'd love to be able to take the inner lining out to clean it. It gets sweaty when I ride for hours and I wish I could clean the inside. Other than that, a great helmet for everything from long trail rides to arena work on hot days. 
From: Aubrey: California, USA

Comments: After being a Troxel wearer for most my equestrian years, I tried this helmet a few years ago after my most recent helmet was giving me headaches.  I love this Tipperary because of how lightweight it is.  They also come with lots of padding so that you can rearrange the padding to fit your head nicely.  I would recommend this helmet for its comfort.  
From: Katie - Northern California, USA

Comments: Terrific, lightweight helmet with plenty of ventilation! A great price, too. Very comfortable. I've had several other brands and the Tipperary Sportage is always my go-to helmet. Plus, with all the colors you can get one to coordinate with every outfit; safe and stylish! (I have both the navy and pink, so far).
From: Sarah Robertson - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Comments: I really love this helmet. It's not bulky and looks great. My only complaint is that there is no dial adjustment. It comes with a thick and thin pad in the back to adjust fit; however, I lost the thick pad because it was only held in with a few little velcro spots. I could not find replacement pads anywhere. I had to fix it by cutting and gluing some pads from an old helmet, but it would have been nice if I could have bought replacement pads.
From: Rachel - Colorado, USA 
RW: Thank you so much for your feedback on the Sportage helmet.  You bring up a good point about the foam inserts! We contacted Tipperary/Phoenix and they sent us some pad replacements since you purchased the helmet through Riding Warehouse ... We’re happy to mail you a set for no cost if you would like that!
Update (Rachel): Wow! That would be awesome!!!... Thank you so much! Your company is just the absolute best! 

Comments: I recommend this helmet to everyone! Here in FL wearing a helmet has been so hot and miserable until I found the Tipperary. The ventilation is great and it has nice padding as well as being lightweight.
From: Julie- Tampa, Florida, USA

Comments: From someone who found helmets in general uncomfortable and hot this helmet is just the opposite.  Lightweight and cool and comfy!
From: Carol - Orinda, California, USA

Comments: I purchased the electric blue, which is an absolutely stunning color! This is my second Tipperary helmet and the most comfortable so far. The thick exterior of the helmet no doubt contributes well to impact distribution and shows that though the helmet is relatively inexpensive, it is not made cheaply. The foam conforms to my head so well I forget I'm wearing a helmet. This helmet comes with multiple pad inserts held on by velcro so you can taylor the fit. A very nice touch!Overall this helmet is an excellent value. My first Tipperary protected my head in multiple falls (I know, I know...) and this one I'm sure would do the same. Not that I plan on falling again, heh. For now, it's doing its other jobs of protecting my head from branches, my face from sun and complementing my wardrobe with an element of electric blue style!
From: Elysha - Roseville, California, USA

Comments: Ordering my 3rd Tipperary helmet. First one wore out after many years of heavy use. 2nd one just saved my brain from serious injury after a bad fall and I'm replacing it. Tipperary is the only helmet I have owned that fits my head and is so comfortable I forget I have it on. Very well vented for summer riding.
From: Dee - Oneonta, Alabama, USA

Comments: I love this helmet. I've had the black for years and really like the replacement policy they have if you have a fall. I bought a second one in blue because the color is great.
From: Olivia - Cupertino, California, USA

Comments: LOVE this helmet!  It's so comfortable and cool.  The purple is a really nice color too.
From: Sabrina - Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

Comments:  This is the second Tipperary Sportage that I have purchased from RW. I love the vents and the fit at the back. It is lightweight and most comfortable. To top it all off it fits securely while gaiting down the trail or in a canter.
From: Debbie - Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA

Comments: I love this helmet. It is lightweight and super comfortable. It is so much more comfortable than my old Troxel helmet. All of my friends in my lesson have this helmet and we love them. Definitely worth it!
From: Olivia - USA

Comments: These are terrific schooling helmets! Super, super lightweight, comfortable, cool, and tough as nails. The carbon-fiber design is a neat touch and it's near impossible to scratch (I've been guilty of dropping it on the concrete aisles a time or two... still not a scratch on it anywhere.) My only wish to improve these helmets is for them to come in black and have a removable liner so that keeping it clean on the inside was easier. The foam padding on the inside can settle and get squished over time too, but it comes with more pads that can help fill in that little bit of space. Over-all, awesome. No wonder they're so popular!
From: Morgan - Idaho, USA

Comments: I love this helmet. Its a bit more vibrant (Electric Blue) then in the picture but I love that! I actually like it more then what's pictured. Can't wait to start wearing it for my riding lessons. I love that its lightweight, my old Troxel helmet feels so much heavier than this one. I've already recommended my friend who also rides with me to purchase one, as well.
From: Kayla - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Comments: I have this helmet and really like it, especially because it is well ventilated and light weight. What I found that I struggled with was the visor was so short it did not have great sun protection. I suppose if you are a person who wears sun glasses when riding it works great. I love this helmet and it is my goal to wear mine 100% of the time when I ride in 2015 and beyond.
From: Jennifer - Amboy, Minnesota, USA

Comments: Excellent helmet and comfortable. It did its job well when I fell trail riding in the mountains and smacked my head on the ground.  I will buy another one.
From: Becky - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Comments:  I purchased this helmet with some hesitancy but the Troxel Sierra's I had were hot and seemed to cause me headaches. I honestly didn't expect much from this helmet... I am glad to say I am happy with my new helmet and ENJOY wearing a helmet again. I didn't get my usual headache and my hair wasn't all sweaty under the helmet. I rode in it for 3 days and really found it very comfortable; in fact, so much that I had forgotten to take it off sitting in camp and someone asked me if I was going to sleep in it!!!  I am pleasantly pleased and would highly recommend this helmet to anyone who rides, trail or otherwise.
From: Jennifer - Amboy, Minnesota, USA

Comments: My favorite helmet!  I've had 2 of these now and would not get another type for schooling or trail riding.
From: Michelle - Sunnyvale, California, USA

Comments: After much debate, I chose this helmet because of it's sleek design and "customizable" fit options. I have never been a helmet person because every one I've ever tried caused so much discomfort, but not this one. This is the only helmet I have ever put on my head that is truly pressure points whatsoever. I almost forget that I have it on. Based on the measuring guide, I ordered a large (although I am normally in the "medium" category) and it was a perfect fit. This was my first time ordering from Riding Warehouse and I couldn't be more pleased. Not only did they have the best price (beating out Amazon) and free shipping, my order was processed quickly and I received my helmet in just a few short days (shipped from CA...and I'm in NC). I will definitely be returning for more!.
From: Brandi - Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Comments: I really like the coverage of this helmet. When I began wearing it, the chin strap seemed to lay on my neck a little rather than right under my chin. However now that I have been consistently wearing this helmet, I don't notice it anymore. I also like the slim look compared to a more traditional schooling helmet, and the ventilation is great. My head stays pretty cool on those hot rides.
From: Kristine - Cle Elum, Washington, USA

Comments: This is a great helmet for the price.  I like that it has fuller coverage in the back and is well-ventilated.  I did have to send back my medium (which I measured for) to get a large, and the large is still a bit snug over my forehead.  Sizing, as several other reviewers have noted, does seem to be a bit off, but otherwise I highly recommend this helmet!
From: Jo - Mendon, Utah, USA

Comments: This helmet fit true to size and I love all of the air vents for sweltering Southern summers. They are especially nice for pouring water onto your head without having to take off your helmet! :) I have always had "show" helmets and this is my first helmet for the trail. It comes down low in the back like my Charles Owen, which makes me feel much more secure. It is also very light for miles of happy riding. I will definitely buy this helmet again in the future.
From: Elizabeth - Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

Comments: I wanted to love this helmet.  I ordered a medium as to my measurements. It's light, it's airy, has lots of padding, covers the back of my head, but alas, it fits more oval shaped heads...I have a roundy round head and it pressed on my temples.  Within a couple of minutes it was starting to give me a bit of a headache. I exchanged it for a Large, but then it was a bit loose front to back (even with the largest pads in), a bit snug on the sides and the ear straps didn't fall where they should since it was pretty much too it's going back as well and I'm going to have to order what I had previously.
From: Maranda - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Comments: I love this helmet - airy and comfortable.  I wear mine year-round.  In winter I add a gaiter to seal in more heat, or ear wrap in more mild cold weather. 
From: Suzanna - Scottsburg, Indiana, USA

Comments: Great Helmet. Sooo comfortable and great fit!
From: Marianne - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Comments: Great helmet. Nice and light, very comfy once fit. Only thing is manufacturer sizing is kind of off. I measure for a Large (7 1/8) but ended up with a medium.
From: Kim - Seattle, Washington, USA

Comments: This is an awesome helmet! The tan color matches my strawberry roan nicely. The padding on the inside makes this helmet very comfortable and secure. I like how the helmet covers the back of my head more then normal helmets. Overall, this is a great helmet. I would recommend it to any rider. :)
From: StrawberryMare - Sacramento, California, USA

Comments: Nice! Very airy. Fit is okay - I used a lot of pads to make it snug. I'm a 7, and I got a medium.  I pair my helmet with the DaBrim visor, and I always get compliments!
From: Susan - Huntington Beach, California, USA

Comments: Love it!  I'm a ride and tier and need my helmet to be super comfy for 25 miles of riding and running.  Needs to provide venting!  This one does! Didn't even notice it while running :)
From: Korinne - Vienna, Virginia, USA

Comments: Love this helmet. Great colour and style. The fit is excellent. I like how it has extra coverage down the back of the skull. The first time I put it on it was like it was meant for my head. The vents are a nice added feature for keeping your head cool in warm temperatures.
From: Rebecca - Ontario, Canada

Comments: I recently bought this helmet in search of one that has a lot of air flow. This one is great for riding in high heat in south Louisiana.
From: Nelly, Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Comments: Great helmet! It fits well, has great ventilation, and looks great especially for trail/endurance. Cocoa brown is subtle and sleek. The helmet's brim is pretty small so add a larger brim if you want more shade. The outside is surprisingly scratch-resistant; I've gone under several branches and there are no marks. All in all a great helmet!
From: Elsa, California, USA

Comments: I just received my Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet today. I was really worried that I had made a mistake buying it over the Internet because my skull measured 53.4cm, somewhere between Small and Medium size. I ordered the Small and it fits perfectly, snug and secure. I'm sure the padding is going to loosen up a bit after wearing it for a while so this is just right. I feel safe and secure in this helmet. It was delivered quickly. So far I am very pleased with Long Riders Gear (Riding Warehouse) service.
From: Joy Slezak

Comments: Nice helmet...looks good and fits great. I measured my head and ordered the appropriate size and it fit me perfect. It's super comfortable and doesn't have that bobble-head look like other helmets. I'm a male in his late forties and really didn't want to mess with a helmet while riding horses both for image and comfort. I recently attended a trail riding convention and sat through some riding injury seminars which changed my attitude. The Docs and EMT folks made me think more about the loss to my family and how easy brain injuries can occur. Bottom line, this helmet is a great value. I've wore it for many miles in all climates with no complaints. Most importantly: You can wear this helmet and improve your safety without looking like a total dork.
From: Glen Tomlinson

Comments: I have ridden with a ball cap all my life, the Tipperary helmet is better because it is vented, just as comfortable. Did it for the grandkids.
From: Dawn Foster

Comments: Have ridden in helmets my whole life this is the most comfortable and attractive (less bubble head) so far, but the visor, which is very small, provides little to no sun protection. I am purchasing the Da Brim.
From: Ava Dantis

Comments: Definitely the most comfortable helmet I've had and looks good (even if I say so myself).....doesn't look like a giant mushroom on my head. Love it!
From: Sheryl Aitken

Comments: This helmet is amazing!!! I live in Florida so all riding gear must be worn with high heat in mind. It has huge vents and I can actually feel a breeze flowing through it. It is so light you can hardly feel it on your head. My only problem was I was at the high end of the fit for the large but I bought it anyway and with the extra foam pads they include I was able to adjust it perfectly. I combined it with the new Da Brim and it is a shady ride for me :0)
From: Beth Moran

Comments: I'm hitting the 5 year mark on my current Tipperary. You'll be hearing from me with an order...may just have to try the white. I'm just happy to have vents!
From: Sue Ashley

Comments: Great helmet, even for my large, oblong head. I used to have to wear a bike helmet because I could not find an equestrian helmet large enough that wouldn't give me a splitting headache within minutes. The Sportage 8500 is the ticket! I was able to use the extra padding that's included to fill in the sides since my head is oblong shaped. So the fit is very customizable. Thank you Tipperary, for finally making this helmet in XL!
From: Shirley, Michigan, USA

Comments: I love these helmets! My previous one, I literally wore it out! (shell came completely apart from the inside). When I placed my order I just ordered the same size as my old one, but they have apparently changed the sizing a little. I had to exchange it for the next size up, so be sure to measure and go by the new sizing chart. I guess the size difference is because the inside is made a little different than my last one. This one actually has changeable pads to get that custom fit, the old one did not.  I really like how these new ones have more vents on top, and a thinner liner, which definitely keep your head cooler!  My favorite thing about this helmet not only is the low profile, but the drop down back that hugs your head. A great helmet for sure!!
From: Ami Miller-Smith, West Virginia, USA

Comments: I bought this helmet to replace my ugly, outdated, and hot helmet. I love the fact that it fits snug to my head, no slopping around. I also really like that it goes lower in the back covering more of the back of your head. It is nicely adjustable and very light weight. My only complaint is that the ear straps I wish I could move a little, but I must have oddly placed ears, my other helmet did that too. It is a great helmet for the price!
From: Jen - La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Comments: I just placed an order for the Sportage helmet. Your price was competitive however what won me over was the fact that I got free shipping and a free baseball cap. The shipping time was minimal. I should have my package in just a few days.  
From: Jonna - Columbia Falls, Montana, USA

Comments: The helmet looks great and had good ventilation, but it did not fit well because I was in between sizes and ordered up. I would suggest if you are in between sizes order down. I wore it a few times and fell off and it cracked, but I did not get it replaced because Tipperary's replacement fee is almost the amount of the helmet itself, so I am going with a different brand now.
From: Sarah - Mississippi, USA
RW: The accident replacement period for Tipperary helmets is one year from date of purchase. See the Tipperary Helmet Replacement program.

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