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Collect a maximum of feedback from training Heart rate, speed, average speed, distance, and heart rate variability... this is just a small example of the information you can view and store on your training computer and later transfer to your computer for review.

The Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitor RS800CX GPS Kit includes:

  • Polar Equine RS800CX Training Watch/Receiver
  • Polar Equine H2 Heart Rate Sensor W.I.N.D. Transmitter/Electrode Base
  • Polar USB Adapter
  • Polar G5 GPS Sensor
  • Polar Protrainer 5.0, Equine Edition

Transfer your critical data in seconds! The Polar IRDA USB Adapter quickly transfers the data from your HRM to your PC. Collect a maximum of feedback from your training sessions or competitions. Heart rate, speed, average speed, distance, and heart rate variability (HRV) are just a small example of the information you can view and store on your training watch receiver and later transfer to your computer for review.

GPS, Speed and Route Mapping:

No matter the terrain, whatever the sport, the RS800CX GPS is the most accurate way to measure your speed and distance and plan, monitor and analyze your horse's response to your training sessions. You can also see your route on a map after the training session. Ideal for cross-terrain sports like endurance, eventing and horse racing, this is an essential addition to your training.

When comparing your horse's heart rate with differences in altitude and speed you get a better understanding of the horse's workload in training or competition, helping you tailor an individual training program for your horse.

When combined with the Polar G5 GPS sensor, the RS800CX allows you to track your route on Google Earth or any compatible GPX mapping software. For a better understanding of your training session, the layout of your route changes color (for example, from green to red) depending on heart rate intensity and the colors you have chosen.

FAQ: Do Polar products have to be sent to the manufacturer for battery replacement?

Older units from years ago did, however the G5 GPS unit uses a simple AA battery. The battery in the transmitter is easily changed by the user as well. The transmitter and watch use a smaller flat battery which can be purchased at your local electronics store or jeweler. When the watch battery finally needs replacement, just take it to a jeweler for a quick and easy swap!

A single AA battery provides up to 20 hours continual use. Weighing only 80grams (inc. battery) and water resistant, the G3 is extremely compact and built to withstand the harshest outdoor and back country conditions.


The Polar RS800CX enables you to collect a maximum of feedback from training and competition and do it all wirelessly. Heart Rate, Speed, Average Speed, Distance, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) are just a small example of the information you can view and store on your wrist unit and later transfer to your computer for review.

Main Features:

  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
  • Polar Sport Zones
  • Altitude and ascent
  • Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5™ Equine Edition software
  • R-R Recording
  • Display zoom
  • User replaceable battery
  • Display text in English, German, French or Spanish

The Polar Equine W.I.N.D. transmitter is a coded and wireless textile transmitter with 2.4GHz transmission, which is disturbance-free from all other electronic devices, preventing cross talk from other heart rate monitors in group situations. The new generation of heart rate transmitters for horses!

The electronic part of the transmitter can be detached to change the battery and replace the electrode strap. Putting the transmitter into place is extremely simple: the positive electrode is first placed under the saddle blanket at the horse's wither and the negative electrode is then fixed to the saddle girth. The transmitter is fixed to the saddle with provided rubber attachment strap.

Disclaimer Note: The RS800CX training computer has been optimized for human athletes, therefore some of the features included in the training computer do not give reliable readings in animal usage for obvious reasons (OwnZone, OwnCal, etc.)


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