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The Triple Barrel Mullen mouthpiece featured on the Myler Eggbutt Triple Barrel MB 32-3 5" Bit is the Myler alternative to the traditional mullen mouthpiece commonly used in English and Western style bits. This bit features three center barrels that turn the mouthpiece from the typical solid bar of a mullen into a flexible bar which allows the horse to elevate his tongue and swallow more easily under the bit.

This is a Level 2 Myler Bit. Due to its design, this style bit is considered stronger than the Myler Eggbutt Low Port Snaffle; however, its flexibility makes it a forgiving mouthpiece that works well for horses who have suffered mouth trauma or damage, or horses that tend to fall behind the bit.


  • Traditional Eggbutt Cheek Piece without Hooks
  • Copper Inlay on Inside of Bars to Encourage Salivation
  • 7/16" Bars Shaped in Pronounced Curve to Allow Comfortable Swallowing
  • Three Center Barrels for Tongue Relief and Flexibility
  • Stainless Steel - No Rust!


Mouth Thickness 7/16" 11mm
Ring Width 2 1/4" 57mm
Ring Height 2 7/8" 73mm
3x Links (Roller) 5/8" 16mm

** Please Note: A Myler bit will normally measure 1/8” larger than the stated size because the Myler's believe that the bit should have at least 1/8” to 1/4” of bit on either side of the mouth.  

Designed with true Myler philosophy, this bit incorporates ergonomic design features and Independent Side Movement™ to better accommodate the natural anatomy of the horses mouth and deliver clear, well-balanced cues from the rider.

For more information about the benefits of the Myler design, see the "Product Details" tab.

If you have any further questions regarding all of our bit options and what bit would best suit your horse, feel free to call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 800-620-9145! Or, check out the Myler's book, The Level Best for Your Horsea complete step-by-step guide to finding and using the right bit for your horse!

You can also check out our Bit Returns Program

Ergonomic Design:

The unique curved bars of all Myler bits are ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural anatomy of the horse's mouth, wrapping the bars and lips instead of pinching as the mouthpiece rotates onto the tongue. This curved design also provides significantly more space for the horse's tongue underneath the bit, allowing the horse to comfortably swallow when the reins are not engaged.

When the reins are engaged, the triple barrel mouthpiece straightens into a solid bar, like a traditional mullen, but with an exaggerated curve. This curved bar rotates across the bars and lips, down onto the tongue. The flexibility of this mouthpiece makes it very forgiving and comforting when relaxed, but offers the rider substantial control when engaged. The pressure on the tongue is distributed across all three barrels, which also create the Independent Side Movement unique to Myler bits.

Independent Side Movement:

The barrels at the center of the mouthpiece are not rollers, but rather bushings that allow each side of the bit to move independently of the other. When the rider engages one rein on a traditional bit, the entire mouthpiece moves, creating a confusing signal for the horse. In comparison, when the rider engages one fixed rein using a Myler bit with ISM, the rider lifts only one side of the bit, giving a very clear, precise signal to the horse.

Myler Philosophy:

The creators of Myler Bits, Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, offer this philosophy behind each of their bits: The bit is a communication tool between the horse and rider, and in order to effectively communicate with the horse, the rider needs a bit which allows the horse to be relaxed. Keeping this in mind, the Myler Bitting System is based on the concept of tongue relief. Distributing tongue pressure more evenly than rival designs, Myler's unique designs offer varying degrees of tongue relief for the horse depending on his level of training and his disposition. These degrees are identified by the "Level" noted for each bit.

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