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Horseman's Knife with Horse Hoof Pick

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Perfect for your pocket or saddlebags, the Cashel Horseman's Knife is a knife that you will want to carry with you everywhere!  You will be prepared for hoof or equipment issues at all times with what this knife offers: a blade, frog knife, hole enlarger, bot knife, and hoof pick! The perfect size easily stows  away in your horse trailer, barn, saddle bags, or pocket.


  • Reliable Frog Knife
  • Convenient Hole Enlarger
  • Effective Bot Knife
  • Durable Hoof Pick
  • Regular Knife Blade


Size: 1" x 4"  Weight: 6 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: This knife is very heavy and bulky. It is also very hard to get the main blade out - the design is not very good.

From: Mary Sullivan, Amherst, Virginia, USA

RW Response: For customer convenience, we are providing the knife's specs: 4" long, 1" wide, 6 ounces in weight. Upon receiving this feedback we tested all the blades in stock to ensure their quality, integrity and usability. The blades operated well, although we did detect a slight grind due to machinery dust remaining from the factory. A drop or two of oil (3-in-1 or mineral oil) in the pivot area is a quick remedy for this. Stiff action in a new folding knife blade and a period of break-in time is normal. Open and shut the blade repeatedly to create enough wear in the hinge to loosen it.

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