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E-Z Ride Endurance Stirrups - Nylon/Safety Cages

Our Price: $72.95 MSRP: $86.00 - You Save: $13.05
Customer Reviews

These E-Z Ride Nylon Caged Stirrups are made of durable nylon. They are lightweight and super-tough and feature an extra-wide and deep design that allows your feet the room they need to distribute weight properly while riding your horse. Easy Ride Stirrups are the #1 long distance equestrian stirrups and can be used with any Endurance, Western, English, Dressage, or Australian saddle!


  • Shock-Absorbing Design
  • Closed-Cell Foam Foot Pads Prevent Fatigue
  • Nylon Construction is Durable and Lightweight
  • Roomy Stirrup Foot Bed Accommodates Most Shoe Styles
  • Safety Cage Keeps Feet From Extending Too Far Into Stirrup


Patented shock-absorbing top bars compress slightly as you put your weight into the stirrups, adding just enough extra comfort without bounce. The result: shock transmitted from the horse is effectively deadened, making long days in the saddle more enjoyable.  E-Z Ride Stirrups are great for riders with existing foot, knee, or lower back problems or for those who wish to prevent these issues!

Prefer an aluminum stirrup?  Please see our E-Z Ride Aluminum Caged Stirrups  which are available with 1" top bars.

Looking to replace the top bars of your E-Z Ride Nylon Safety Caged Stirrups? See our E-Z Ride Standard Stirrup Replacement Top Bars!

Sold by the pair.

Sizing Tip: Not sure what size top bar to order? Measure the exact width of your stirrup strap or fender, where your stirrup hangs. The closer the fit the better, because a top bar that is too wide might cause undo motion of your stirrups. Example: If you have standard 1-inch straps, order 1-inch top bars... the top bars are made a 1/8 of an inch larger than the size given.

Weight of each stirrup is 15 ounces.

Please note, cage depth is measured from the back of the stirrup to the tip of the toe.

Stirrup Specs 
Height* 5"
Side Width  Tapers From 1 ½"-2"
Footbed Width 5 ½"
Footbed Depth 4"
Cage Depth 6 ½"

*Height is measured for the stirrup opening only - the distance from the bottom of the top bar to the top of the footbed cushion.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: I must say I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and buy the EZ ride caged stirrups a while back! During the time I've had them, and even though I haven't been on any really long rides, I can tell a big difference in my legs, ankles and knees! I just know when I do get to go on longer rides, that I won't experience pain like I did before using these stirrups. I'm very happy with them all around!
From: Ami Smith (via Facebook)

Comments: These are now on my "must have" list for trail tack. I had not necessarily been uncomfortable in conventional stirrups & assumed knee pain during & after long rides was "normal.". I ordered these caged stirrups so I could safely ride in my hiking shoes. The stirrups were definitely comfortable but I didn't realize just how much ankle & knee relief I was experiencing until I rode a new saddle. Riding without my E-Z Ride stirrups was downright painful! I recommend these stirrups, with or without the cages, to anyone who has ankle and/or knee pain during or after a ride. They are a lifesaver!
From: Anonymous

Comments: I've been riding all my life. As I'm approaching middle age, and due to some injuries, I now am more concerned about ergonomics and safety than what's "proper". I've used the MDC and all the English stirrups that you can imagine. The only ones that worked were the DuPont Composite stirrups. But now I switched to western. I've used all sorts of stirrups, but these have been the best for me. One thing I don't like about poly stirrups is that they are so light weight they usually don't home well. These are just heavy enough to home pretty well. The nice thing about poly stirrups is they don't create so much torque on your feet and legs. In addition to using these stirrups, I twisted the fenders on my hybrid saddle. This is an awesome combination! The wide foot bed has been a relief! I've tried knock-offs that were horrible due to squishy foot pads that meant a wobbly ankle. Not an issue here. I was worried that I wouldn't adjust to the wide foot bed after a lifetime of keeping the irons below the balls of my feet. I'm not looking back! Comfort! And I see how my feet won't get caught, so that's a huge relief. Now I can relax my ankles and heels. What a huge relief! Comfort and security, plus RW has the best price by far!
From: Jennifer - Pickerington, OH, U.S.A.

Comments: Truly one of my all-time top trail gear picks. It seems strange that the gentleman in another review felt these cages were too short - my husband rides in a size 10 1/2 bulky hiking shoe, and he has plenty of room to insert his foot well beyond the norm - which is nice to be able to do. We've been using EZ Rides for long distance trail riding for a couple years now. Irons (for my AP saddle) and even western style traditional stirrups (for our western trail saddle) eventually kill our feet and tire my legs out after many miles of fast riding and posting. These shock absorbing stirrups keep my knees, ankles and foot bottoms happy on 50-mile rides. No more tired feet and joints after a long ride! It's also really nice to be able to purchase different top bars if you ever want to trade them onto another style saddle. We couldn't be happier with these stirrups and recommend them to all of our trail riding friends. They're great for anyone, but if you're in the over-40 club, these are a must-have!!
From: Marlene & Allen, Alaska, USA

Comments: I've ridden with these for years. Totally love them.
From: Francis, Arizona, USA

Comments: I had a pair of very light-weight plastic/nylon stirrups on my endurance saddle. They were quite narrow; a man's shoe would never have fit. I really liked them until last week, when I had to make a quick dismount from a saddle on a horse's neck...leaned back and pulled my right foot out and over my horse's neck (as I certainly didn't want to lean forward!) and tried to get my left foot out of the stirrup. Oops! Landed awkwardly but okay. But knew I needed new stirrups. Ordered these EZ Ride stirrups. When they arrived, I thought, "Oh, my, these are BIG!" I was afraid they would be sloppy with my small feet. But they're not; they are quite comfortable. My feet feel secure and I know I'll be able to get my foot out in a hurry if needed. And I like the cage for quick rides in sneakers!
From: Diane - Murrieta, California, USA

Comments: These are very comfortable! I love how light-weight they are. They don't try to twist my foot back around.  My only issue is the my toes get caught in the front-most outside part of the cage. Maybe my feet are just really tiny? I have to say it's a bit concerning for me.
From: M - Nevada, USA

RW Response: Thank you for your feedback.  We have never heard of this happening before, but would suggest trying gorilla tape over the area of the cage that your foot is slipping through that way you would have a barrier to protect your phone.  We also would recommend trying the Cashel Cozy Toes in the endurance size as they will fit over the cages and provide protections as well.

Comments:  Really big stirrups! Really too big to my tastes, but unfortunetely this didn't carry over to the cages, too short for men's 11. 
From: Joe, Surry, Virginia, USA 
RW Response:  We want everyone to be happy with their purchase, so we are including an extra measurement here for your convenience. The measurement from the edge of the stirrup bed where your foot enters the stirrup, to the end of the toe/cage is 6.5 inches. This is deep enough for a men's size 11 to be in the stirrup up to the arch of the foot, if desired; well beyond the ball of the foot that generally rests in a stirrup.

Comments: Ugh! I hate these!! They hurt my ankles to the point I can't walk for days!  I can't find a comfortable position in saddle and they slide all around!  I finally went back to the specialized saddle stock stirrups and added the winter cups! No more ankle probs!!
From: Korinne - Vienna, Virginia, USA
RW Response: Our 365-Day Free Return Policy ensures our customers are happy campers! As a side note, if this stirrup is sliding around it's due to the top bar being too long - this could also result in a lopsided hang which could have been the cause of pain. Be sure to measure for proper fit.

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