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DaBrim Equestrian Endurance Riding Helmet Visor

Our Price: $39.95 MSRP: $44.95 - You Save: $5.00

Tame the blazing sun while horseback riding with stylish curves and a flattering design.  The exclusive DaBrim Equestrian Endurance Riding Helmet Visor provides you with fantastic full sun protection and is also a fashion statement!

The DaBrim features a pocketed area for accommodation of equestrian helmets with non-removable visors. It's also a "one size fits most" product and works with all different types of helmets, with or without molded on or removable visors.


  • Easy Installation & Removal
  • No Sticky Adhesives or Complicated Rigging
  • Does Not Inhibit Helmet Ventilation
  • Maximum UPF50+ Sun Protection for Face, Neck & Shoulders
  • Ultra Secure Attachment - Gallop Safe!
  • Durable, Reinforced Construction 
  • Lightweight & Comfortable


For more information, please see the "Product Details" tab.

Love the idea, but looking for something a little more low-profile? Check out the new DaBrim Petite Helmet Visor!


The unique DaBrim Equestrian Riding Helmet Visor offers practical protection for casual trail riding, competitive endurance riding, everyday outdoor excising, outdoor arena schooling, or mid-day rides in areas with intense sun. 

Check out the video link just below the product image for a demonstration of the use of the DaBrim for a fast-paced trail ride! 


  • 3 ½” Front Brim Contours to 4 ½” at Rear
  • Lightweight - just 5.5 oz!
  • Water Resistant
  • 100% Nylon


The helmet features in the product images is the Tipperary Sportage 8500 model.

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Customer Reviews

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Comments: I ordered this because other ladies at the barn have them and say they're great.  I Love My DaBrim!!! It's royal blue and matches my other accessories, shades my face, neck and shoulders, and stays on! I am so pleased with it, and have received many compliments in the several weeks I've worn it. At first I thought it was expensive, but now couldn't live without it.  Thank you!
From: Anne- Saratoga, California, USA 

Comments: I see there are many reviews on this DaBrim, but I wanted to add my recent epiphany. I've used the Rezzo, but recently began using this visor, because I really need the extra shade and sun protection here in hot sunny SoCal. Admittedly I was hesitant because it is so LARGE. But here's my reason for wearing it. Proudly: 1) It definitely shades me more and keeps me cooler than anything else. 2) It is secure, has never blown off-and it gets windy here. 3) In following Tevis this year one of the finishers, Karen Chaton who has completed the Tevis 5 times, and is an avid endurance rider, says she has worn her DaBrim for years. She wears is because it WORKS. She really needs it to. My epiphany, if Karen Chaton uses it regardless of how it looks-SO CAN I. It does its job!
From: Bonnie Eddy- Winchester, California, USA 

Comments: So glad I made this investment! Was hesitant about the "look" of this visor but has helped significantly in helping reduce my migraines from the glare of the sun while out on trails.
From: Julie - Tampa, FL, USA

Comments: I have used the Cashel Sunbonnet brim for years. It has worked extremely well to keep sun, and especially western Washington rain, off my face and glasses. The DaBrim version is even better. The rear extension protects the back of my neck from both sunburn and rain drips. Great product.  I will be using it out in my kayak too.
From: Gayle - Home, WA, USA

Comments: I recommend DaBrim to everyone who comments on it. I love mine! It keeps the sun AND the rain off my face and neck (and, in the case of rain, from cold water running down my back inside my clothes), stays in place, is lightweight, tough and MADE in the USA!
From: Bev - Compton, AR, USA

Comments: I love it! I have such sensitive skin and this is PERFECT for keeping the sun off of not only my face but my neck.  Excellent price too. Owning a horse is expensive as is, so it's nice to find high quality products at an affordable price.
From: Mallory - Dayton, NV, USA

Comments: I wore this on a 5-day safari trip in Tanzania, 6 hrs in the saddle/day, cantering speed about 25-30km/hr, plus there's a pretty strong breeze the entire time. Not once did the visor slip or even move! I was so impressed I left it with my safari guide so she can get more use out of it than I do. I am ordering another one though, for outdoor riding. I've tried other visors, but this is hands down the best.
From: Lynn - Singapore

Comments: These are wonderful. Stays on the helmet and not only shades my whole face and neck, but I swear it feel 5 degrees cooler!
From: Kelly - Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Comments: Love it!  STAYS ON! Definitely shields face and neck from the sun.  Wish these had been available before my 'redhead' skin issues presented.   Give it a try and you'll love it too. : 
From: T - Powhatan, VA, USA

Comments: Best - visor - ever!  Stays on very securely and shades the back of my neck as well.  What more can I say...oh, it looks great AND low price compared to others I've seen - quality beats all!!
From: Shari - Burbank, CA, USA

Comments: The Da Brim is great!  I've had mine for two years.  It does a wonderful job protecting me from the sun.  Also ticks.  Where I live, ticks are a very big problem.  Any ticks that fall off trees onto your hat are shed off.
From: Mary - Amherst, VA, USA

Comments: Da Brim - great product for longriders. Used mine now on two rides - stays on no problems, light and plenty of shade under the Aussie sun. Won't damage your expensive helmet.
From: Sandra Russell - Mount Pleasant, South Australia

Comments: Only used it once so far but I love this thing! Used it first time horseback at a trail trial in Palmdale, CA with hot sun and gusty wind. It stayed put and did not flap up or down like other wrap-around visors I have used. I can tell I'll be using it all summer.
From: Jeanne Gonzalez - Valencia, California, USA

Comments: I used the DaBrim yesterday and I just loved it! It protected my face and neck from the sun perfectly. It was pretty hot and I actually felt much cooler with it on my helmet. It stayed very secure, no problem. Fellow riders asked me about it and they want one too! Great purchase!
From: Julie Gordon - Sacramento, California, USA

Comments: I love this brim!!! It throws off an amazing amount of shade. I live in Florida so sun protection and coolness is vital in all riding gear. I love the curve to the brim and have had many people stop me and ask where I got it. It is very easy to take on and off of my helmet. The only day I had an issue with it was on a ACTHA ride the day after Huricane Sandy and the winds were very high but I just popped it off, folded it in half and tucked it under the flap of my saddle bag all while riding along. Normal day to day breeze and wind doesn't bother it at all. I also bought the Tippery Helmet and love the lightness and huge vents for air flow and coolness.
From: Beth Moran - Cocoa, Florida, USA

Comments:  This equestrian Da Brim is just great. I used to have to wear sunglasses in the quick changing weather conditions we have in the high country of Colorado. Now I don't ever worry about my Da Brim coming off in the wind as some visors have or my nose getting sunburned, rain hitting my eyes or the sun blinding me when on the trail.
From:  Marlene E. Hopp - Guffey, Colorado, USA

Comments: Excellent protection. Keeps neck and jaw line shaded. Secure fit. Great product.  
From: Trish - Powhatan, Virginia, USA

Comments: Great product!  Totally protects me from the sun, and it stays on during windy conditions (mind you I live in SoCal).  I get a ton of compliments on this visor.
From: Susan - Fountain Valley, California, USA

Comments: I bought this visor a few years ago. It fits on my helmet great and does not fly off in the wind or when galloping. However, I did not like the way it looked. Mine flips up in the back and looks ridiculous. It is also bigger in the Back than in the front which is another thing I don't like. It would probably be great for biking rather than horseback riding. I have quit using and have bought the Debrim visor which I totally love.
From: Barbara - Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Comments: Remember to add how far your helmet sticks out in front or back to the measurements provided.  I haven't used mine yet but I wish I would have ordered the petite DaBrim. I feel like I'm wearing a huge gardening hat when I put it on.
From: Anna - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
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